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Immaculate Dental Hygienist Services at Your Very Own Dental Hygiene Centre – Fold Dental Surgery

The hygienist appointments are a vital part of preventative care. Hygienists not only focus on deep cleaning to help remove plaque, stains and tartar but also on identification and treatment of gum disease. Our hygienists will offer you advice on tooth brushing techniques and how to prevent decay, ensuring your mouth’s cleanliness, wellbeing, and generally good condition. In addition to importing the latest dental equipment and technology, you get a friendly yet highly professional atmosphere at our dental hygiene centre, which ensures individualised care and perfect treatment plans.

hygienist services

Scale & Polish

Simply put, it’s a professional teeth cleaning with a dentist or hygienist which removes tartar from teeth to combat gum disease and tooth decay. After teeth are deep cleaned to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and underneath the gums, a polish is applied to remove any stains and help smooth out rough tooth surfaces.
dental hygiene care by professional


Airflow is a completely pain free treatment performed via a special machine. This airflow machine uses a combination of water, compressed air and powder particles to remove stains. Airflow produces better stain removal results that a regular scale and polish.
teeth airflow cleaning device

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